About Me

Hi there and welcome to my tiny space on the internet! My name is Jodie and I am super excited that you’re here.

I am a life coach, writer, teacher, entrepreneur, artist (and many other roles that I won’t name here). My background is in the performing arts industry where I worked as teacher, mentor, choreographer, producer, administrator, and the many jobs titles that come with being a professional artist. I started dance classes at the age on 9, where I remember being completely afraid of the unknown. I cried and told my mother that I was not going. So I went. Although the steps were foreign and I was about as flexible as a wooden beam, there was one thing that kept me, voluntarily, going back…the music. In another life I may have been a singer or played the guitar, but the freedom and joy of moving my body to “Rhythm Nation” was empowering and life giving. I decided dance was the next best choice.

For the last 20+ years, I have worked as a teacher and choreographer, making connections with people all over the world. I started two dance companies and had the opportunity to mentor and collaborate with some incredible artists.

When the pandemic shut down most of our activities, I was thankful for a chance to breathe and reconnect with what I truly wanted for my second half of life. I hired a life coach and went on a 5 year (and counting) journey of self discovery to find my deepest calling. Dance was and still is a passion, a medium through which I have been trained and have had extensive experience.

But there was something else calling for my attention, pulling me in another direction. So I listened. In 2022, I took some life coaching courses and embarked on a journey toward helping people see, find, and appreciate their authentic selves, the way God intended. I thrive on creating space for people to imagine possibility. I see a world where we live into the truth that everyone belongs, everyone matters, and we are all intimately connected.

Making space for people to imagine possibility and live in freedom is my passion and my honor. God gave me the ability to sit with people in hard times. To listen, to make space, to breathe with, to cry with, and to invite them into hope and a life of fullness. He also gifted me with a deep faith that ‘He is’ and ‘He will’. And I’ve never seen otherwise.

It is my joy and honor to work with others in this way. If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, unsure, misaligned, or are looking to take your next step and need someone to walk with you through it, you’ve come to the right place. I’d love to work with you on your vision, goals, and values, aligning your dreams with God’s plan for your life. This is the good stuff and I’m here for it!

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